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~Jillian Michaels

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

...back tracking

I called up Jimmy Johns and ordered a good ol Beach Club Turkey sandwich for lunch today and I don't think I came up for breathing. HAHA. DUDE...i'm cramping - anything goes when you're cramping. Isn't that the rule of thumb? NO - immediate regret, WHY did I eat just because I was stressed when I've been doing so good. I HAVE A WEIGH-IN 2MORROW, no bueno friends, no bueno. As of yesterday I was up 5 lbs, I half-way blame "Aunt Flo or Uncle TOM" (various aliases) for part of that bloated weight gain. Sounds like a good enough excuse to me anyways.

So let's back track to this "stress" I mentioned above...

Yesterday - a bank officer was laid-off and asked to pack up and leave immediately. As you can imagine, it made for an anxious & somewhat ackward work enviroment for the remainder of the day. Everyone began worrying if there was a "who" to be next on that chopping block and it was just a work environment filled with A LOT of whispering and closed doors. (can I just say I greatly dislike whispering...and especially dislike when meetings start occuring behind closed management doors.)

Today - The start of my day everything was seemingly well other than the extremely intense cramps I've been experiencing the last 2 days - but such is life. I can manage - it's a blessing to me, means something must be working right in there and I want kids some day so bring it on cramps!!! I guess I think outside of the box...haha.

So before work I stop by my folks house and my mom's home.

Mesha: "What are you doing home Mom?"
Mom: "They sent me home since I just got back from Mexico. They said that due to the swine flu scare, I can either use my PTO or take an unpaid holiday until I'm out of exposure time."
Mesha: "WHAT!?! Can they do that? You aren't even sick - I understand what they are saying, but they are kinda punishing you if your only options are your earned PTO or not getting paid, that's bogus."

That really wasn't TOO huge of a deal, however, I was pretty upset by that this morning...Well, around 1:30 we get an email from the bank CEO saying that effective immediately, he is resigning and basically will still be used whenever he's needed for public relations, however, he's technically not a part of Hillcrest Bank anymore is what he was saying in a softer nutshell. WOW! Talk about a breathe-taking, heart-breaking moment. My boss starts bawling, people start scurrying throughout the branch, I sit in shock with my jaw on the floor and co-workers start forming group hugs with blank gazes on their faces and tears welling up in their eyes. It was like having a "yesterday" all over again. Everyone LOVED our bank CEO and people have literally stayed here just because of the life of integrity he has led. What's next is what's running through everyone's minds. Are we changing directions? Are more layoffs in the works? Who can come close to running the show like him? Are we being bought out? TELL ME WHAT YOU KNOW...that's kinda what everyone is wanting to shake out of management.

At that point, things get kinda comical when a spiral effect start occuring and it's just kinda like - everything HAS to look up from here. Then I get the "breaking news email" that it has been declared that the swine flu threat has been raised to a level 5 which is one step from a full blown pandemic. ICING ON THE CAKE BABY!

We just got slap-happy at this point, laughing at the most ridiculous things, making up funny songs and just throwing the work aside for a moment. THAT WAS MY DOWNFALL...I ate!

Now that you are caught up to speed, let's resume with the Jimmy Johns. Now I'm carrying a small child in the form of a enriched bleached WHITE flour sub in the pit of my already excessively huge tummy and I feel like I could give birth any minute. WWWWWHHHY!

The convenience of American food - IT'S HORRIFYING.


Magic Brush said...

Bless your heart girl! These are scary times. Hang in there.

Had salad and chicken at Shauna's for lunch... so did ok. Then indulged in a handful of peanut M&M's and 3 bowls of chicken noodle soup for dinner. Dang it anyway.

Laretha said...

Hey Mesha! Here from Shauna's blog.

I'm a banker too and I know how people feel about Hillcrest and the CEO. Shocking!

I also eat when I get stressed so I totally feel your pain!

Hang in there, it's not easy - but it's worth it!

Shauna said...

Man, we all need to quit watching tv and sing hold hands and sing kumbiya! ha ha! a sub is better than a quarter pounder with cheese. now get you and your debbie downer self to the gym. i am just glad I know why you have been crabby lately.

Mesha said... slack woman! Sheesh Shauna! Where do you work at Laretha? ...small world, I don't exactly know if that's "common knowledge" news yet so *whisper* haha. LOVE YOUR SITE TO PIECES!!!