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Life is in the journey, not the destination, so do what you can and take it one day at a time. Go slow, do it right, and make your changes permanent — then help out others who are where you were.

~Jillian Michaels

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Monday, August 31, 2009



I completed my challenge with 4 days to spare! WAAHOO! My first victory lap the following day was my fastest mile interval @ 13.37 min.

This Month’s Challenge is called “Beat the Clock.” This challenge is for you to set your own personal goal and work hard to “beat the clock.” Choose your cardio and spend this month improving on your speed, stamina & endurance. Clock your distance, time and journal how you feel after your workouts. Let’s see how much we can personally improve in a month. [Ex. Clock time for 1 mile on treadmill/elliptical/cross trainer on September 1st and see how much you can improve your time/stamina in one month].

For those of you who haven’t joined, is an excellent website to log your exercise AND briefly jot notes about each workout. This is where I track my progress and log my time. My goal is to improve my mile time, but more importantly than even “beating” a time is increasing my stamina.

So the question of the day is….ARE YOU GAME???

As much as I love challenging everyone, ultimately we need to be our own inspiration.

Challenge yourself!
I'll route you on...

How to add "Beat the Clock" logo to blog...
1. Click the "Beat the Clock" logo or choice above.
2. Right Click photo and click "Save As" (save to computer)

3. From your blog click "Customize" in top right hand corner.

4. Click "Add a gadget"

5. Add the "Picture" gadget

6. Select the "Beat the Clock" Logo saved on your PC

7. Attach the following link: "" - (to refer others to the challenge.)

TADA If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me at

If you aren't already, I encourage you to log your workouts @ It's a GREAT website and will be incredibly beneficial for tracking your times as well as allowing others (like me) to motivate you along the way!

BTW: Biggest Loser: Season 8 starts September 15th - Don't miss it!
Verse of the Day:
Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Give honor, where honor is due...

I'm sure each of you has been encouraged by someone in some way or another. On my weight loss journey - I've been inspired by more people than I could begin naming since I started this in February.

WHAT GOT YOU OFF THE COUCH? As incredibly blessed as I've been by the support group that I have growing LITERALLY daily - the first step started @ the end of January as I held back tears on my best friends couch watching these two strong, beautiful ladies pictured above fight adversity and push through the tough obstacles thrown their way on Season 7 of The Biggest Loser. Cathy Skell & Kristin Steede (mother/daughter) showed me that day that I'm not a lost cause and that I CAN do what it takes to lose weight without surgery as most doctors try to pawn off on anyone considered "severely obese." I still have to laugh because I watched the show completely by coincidence because I had got locked out of my house and I chilled @ my friends until my roommate got home. As it is, EVERY tuesday night during the season she watches "her show" the Biggest Loser and as an unexpected guest for the evening - I found myself watching right along with her. If I NEVER got locked out that night, I may have NEVER watched that show - she'd tried to get me to watch it for years. That night something clicked for me and my life has been absolutely CHANGED! (You can check my weight loss progress on my sidebar - updated weekly)

If you've been looking for that extra push or need a "challenge" to keep you accountable - I highly encourage you to go check out Kristin & Cathy's "Step it Up & Work it Out" challenge @ Every tuesday we post our results on Kristin's blog and we are going on Week 2 - but it's not too late to participate. Don't wait until the Biggest Loser season starts this year, those of us taking the challenge are committing to get up and active and keep our acts in check before the season begins! Why wait?

Thank you Cathy & Kristin! You ladies were a part of what has changed my life!
You DON'T want to miss it!
Verse of the Day:
Romans 13:7 (NIV)
"Give everyone what you owe him: ...if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor."

Calling all challengers...



How is everyone doing on meeting their goal of 100 miles of various cardio exercise for the month of August? Are you an overachiever? Right on track? Or maybe it's been a little rough?

Whatever the case is - PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK FOR JOINING! Are you @ least getting up and active? If so, ROCK ON! 100 miles was just a challenge goal - living active is the ULTIMATE goal though.

You can check out my progress in the sidebar to your left - but it's not about me, I'm so excited for all of YOU! Seriously, for those of you I've had the privilege of watching on - I'm totally encouraged by your workouts. TOTALLY encouraged by your determination and your support of each other. I think more than even seeing the miles - it's the incredible motivational words back and forth between each other that brings a smile to my face.

I have learned A LOT over the last month about the ability to push myself! When I'm tired, when I'm lazy, when I'm discouraged, when I'm weak - I still have the ability to overtake that thought process and work my way through it! I have the ability within me to PUSH myself even when I can "think up" more reasons to just blow it off. My confidence level has increased and I've realized that my weight doesn't have to be my "excuse" anymore. I want this! I can have this! Even if it's "hard." Typically the things you cherish most in life are ones you've had to work for - not only that, but a lot of times that work was HARD. However, the reward made it worth it.

I'm not telling some unknown secret when I say, "Living a healthy life can be H.A.R.D! But the end result is worth it..."

I have numerous family, church friends, co-workers and facebook friends taking this challenge too, but here are some bloggers who have been staying active with the challenge:

Michelle @ secrets of a former fat girl
Tony C @ Tony C today
Mother's Heart Weight Loss
Betsy @ Witness this fitness
Tigerlilly @ Where is Tigerlilly
Jackie @ Now Revealing the Frost Family
MochaTrina @ The Good, the bad and the HONGRY
NOTWBTRFLY @ The Best is yet to be
Ali @ Momma Ali's Journey
Beth @ My Ordinary Life
Cheryl @ Why
Dana @ Letter's to Elijah

So my question to all of you, whether you participated in this challenge or not: How will YOU challenge yourself next month? What new goal will you set to make yourself proud?

Verse of the Day:
1 Thessalonians 5:11 (NIV)
Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Did you ever have to do a self evaluation in school? Normally they'd give you a little question/answer sheet and you'd evaluate your own work - how much work did you REALLY put into this? You've always got two options with a self-evaluation:

1. Be perfectly honest, afterall this is YOUR grade on the line. Only YOU know how much time & effort went into it.

2. Rob yourself by neglecting to acknowledge the areas that may have been slacking. You are only hurting yourself by lying. With that being said - if you've put any amount of energy into this and it's your first "edit," there usually is a good balance btwn the above and below par areas.

Okay, so I say all of this for a point as usual. If any of you pay attention to my BLING BLING weight tracker (go ahead - look 2 u'r left) - you may have noticed that I had a PRETTY significant gain last week after the competition ended. Not only that, but 2morrow is weigh in day and it's likely there may be a small addition again. I can respond in an emotional way which is INCREDIBLY tempting and just throw in the towel and be fed up with my efforts! ...OR I can evaluate my situation and CHOOSE to see the victories along with the mistakes and continue on with some self-correction.

IN addition to this - seeing that scale jump up - if that's not enough to make you wanna cry and throw the scale throw a mirror - I did something last week to change my attitude and redirect my attention on the positives so I wasn't "wallowing in my sorrows" and walking around crying "WOE IS ME!" <--haha...

I went and had my measurements done to see the BIGGER picture of this ordeal - that definitely gave me reassurance that things were still on track - even with a small detour.


Inches lost...

1.25' - Chest

2' - Rgt Arm

2.25' - Rgt Thigh

4' - Abdomen

6.25' - Hips

10.25' - Waist


BODY WEIGHT LOST: 22.6% from start weight

So as I definitely changed my attitude.


1. Living healthy does NOT been not living life! Special events will happen (in my case family reunion, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner & wedding in 2 week span) - BUT just make wise decisions! If you are going to have dessert - plan u'r day to accommodate dessert.

2. Just because they offer you food - does NOT mean you have to accept. Politely explain that you'd rather not - give your reasoning if necessary. True friends will respect that and not sabotage your success.

3. Pack a snack! Seriously...preportion out snacks that you can munch on while others are indulging in chocolates, chips and random junk food snacks.

4. If you slip up, GET UP! One bad day should NOT lead to one back week, which leads to two weeks and more...GET UP!

5. LASTLY! Stay positive! If you start spewing those same negative thoughts you had before back into your mind - guess what - you'll start believing them again! Instead of hanging face and feeling like a failure, talk to yourself. Yea, I said it! "Hey Mesha, you've been doing so great - shake yourself off and don't give up! You've got this - you ARE more than a conqueror, in our weakness, GOD shows himself strong and mighty on our behalf. Look at all the wonderful changes you've made in your life - those old thoughts aren't you anymore. You are strong. You are courageous. You are an overcomer. You WILL succeed!"

ABOUT THE VERSE: Okay - so about my verse today! I was talking to a great friend of mine on Facebook chat and she always makes it a point to ask me how I'm doing spiritually! I opened up about how it's been rough - because I feel like I've been so consumed with my weight loss and diet/exercise that I've neglected what should be first in my life! I'm an all or nothing kind of gal and it's like wherever I set my focus - that area consumes me! She gave me this verse about "extremes." We've got to find balance in our lives and not do things to the "extremes." It's possible - I'm @ a point where it's what I need to learn how to do.

Verse of the Day:

Ecclesiastes 7:18

It is good to grasp the one and not let go of the other. The man who fears God will avoid all extremes...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Take for granted...

Have you ever heard the phrase "I don't take it for granted," or "they took it for granted." How many times have we REALLY pondered that phrase?

What does it mean to TAKE FOR GRANTED?

I went to one of my BFF websites: I visit it daily only being behind on my frequently visited sites list. For the sake of time I'm only going to point out a couple definitions:

something granted, as a privilege or right

"take for granted"
a. to accept without question or objection; assume: Your loyalty to the cause is taken for granted.
b. to use, accept, or treat in a careless or indifferent manner: A marriage can be headed for trouble if either spouse begins to take the other for granted.

When you say, "I don't take it for granted," you are saying I do not believe this blessing in my life to be common or a given. It's not something I naturally assume as mine, it wasn't an inheritance I deserved, it's not something OWED to me. You see, when we take things for granted, we assume that we deserve them or somehow it is owed to us for one reason or another. A lot of time you don't fully appreciate something in your life if you take it for granted.

You may be saying now, "Um Mesha, what's your point?" Well over the past couple days I've been counting the blessings in my life and I just rejoice over my health, friends, family and experiences I have been offered undeservedly. I do not EVER want to take life for granted - including the ability to get healthy, eat right and work out. Not everyone who struggles with their weight can physically take a walk or visit the gym. Not everyone can afford healthier and fresh foods. Not one bit of the love, care, encouragement and advice that I've received from each one of you reading this RIGHT NOW was owed to me....yet you offered it! I do NOT take any of those things for granted...I'm 100% thankful!

TODAY - I am not "taking for granted" the part you've all played in me realizing I CAN succeed. In a way I attribute part of my success to each of you - I now realize that it ultimately comes down to me, but your love and support is helping me get there at a good, steady pace. I wish I could give to everyone struggling with their own weight what I've received through my blog, facebook, my customers, the sisterhood, former Biggest Loser contestants, etc!

I dream BIG - one day I want to "Pay it forward," and not selfishly keep what I've received from each of you to myself. I still have a LOOOOONG way to go...but I'm choosing to see the future over the here and now. I don't want to EVER forget the trials of this weight loss journey I'm on - the UPS and the DOWNS! I'm glad I started this blog - as an online journal to record the road, something I can look back and reflect on.

Not for one minute do I believe "God made me overweight," - if anyone ever tries to feed you that line - RUN! They are no "life coach" to take advice from. I fully recognize that I had control over the state I'm in - with that being said, I think my eyes were opened and my mindset changed at this point in time for a reason.

If it weren't for "SUCH A TIME AS THIS"...I don't know that I ever would have met the amazing individuals I have since February who I've been encouraged by and had the opportunity to encourage. Had it been 5 years ago or even 5 years from now - I don't know if I could have directly related my weight loss to the truth of the gospel as openly as I do now. In everything I'm doing - over all else I want to point to Christ!

Everyday I'm being humbled by the open door this decision to change my life has made. The people I encounter who I get to encourage, who I get to laugh with and cry with! who I get to speak with about the strength that I've found. The times I get to lend an ear or share my experience in hopes of helping them through theirs.

I haven't taken one step of this weight loss LIFESTYLE change for granted, moreso than weight - MY LIFE IS BEING CHANGED...

ABOUT THE VERSE: I chose a verse from the book of Esther today in parallel to my "such a time as this" statement. Esther was a Jew who was chosen to marry the King. All the while, the King loved Esther deeply (not knowing she was a Jew). The King made a decree to destroy the Jews since they did not submit to the "world's system" of following the King - primarily because it was contrary to their faith in God. At that time Esther was in a position of royality where she had an MONUMENTAL choice to make - deny her people and watch them die, or approach the King on their behalf (possibly costing her own life). Her father wrote a message to her revealing that maybe her marriage to the king had greater purpose than what was originally seen - MAYBE it was for "such a time as this," so that she'd be in line to do God's will and spare her people.

We've GOT to look at our situations and see where we may fall in line with the greater picture called LIFE. We've got to live them with a purpose - knowing that each of us has more to offer the world than just our daily, self-absorbed, "this is for me and myself" only mentality. I'm realizing that my weight loss efforts aren't only for the reward and benefit of myself - it can absolutely be used to change and even SAVE some lives!

Verse of the Day
Esther 4:14 (Amplified Bible)
For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance shall arise for the Jews from elsewhere, but you and your father's house will perish. And who knows but that you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this and for this very occasion?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

9 Week Competition

The Hillcrest Bank "Biggest Loser" Competition is OFFICIALLY over!

After 9 weeks of hard work, our company is 147.5 lbs lighter. We didn't quite hit my goal of 150 lbs lost as a group - but I'm still incredibly proud of everyone who participated.

I organized and hosted this competition for the past 9 weeks and it's been A LOT of fun! I've had the amazing opportunity to get to know my co-workers on a new level. The catch phrase for this competition has been "BE MOTIVATED AND MOTIVATE ONE ANOTHER!" My main objective for this competition was to create a supportive work environment for healthier lifestyles. That there would be a group of employees who know how to encourage each other and help each other stay on track rather than hindering them. It is SO hard to stay focused with work lunches, catered foods, group meetings and work parties. The "competition" ended today - but I hope the true purpose is practiced daily.

I WON FIRST PLACE!!! (it was weird writing myself a check and signing my own

1st - 13.73%/40.6lbs lost (if I was 3 lbs heavier, I would have got 2nd)/$525.00

2nd - 12.50%/20 lost/$262.50
3rd - 10.55%/22 lost/$87.50

MY TOTAL LOST (Since February) - 87.6lbs

The main question seems to be: "So what are you going to do with ALL that money?"

Answer: SISTERHOOD RETREAT - 1st weekend of October, 6 wonderful friends of mine and I will be meeting in Wisconsin for a retreat @ a resort. I CANNOT WAIT!!!


Me & Certificate

Me & $525.00 check
2nd Place & $262.50 check
3rd Place & $87.50 check

I bought flowers for the 2nd and 3rd place.
Thought it weird to buy myself some, so I settled for a picture for blog purposes. :)
2nd place (20 lbs lost), 1st place (me - 40.6 lbs lost), 3rd place (22 lbs lost)

HAHA - so my BFF bought me this card when I won our side bet (75 lbs lost)

My winnings of $50 was found inside! :)
I thought it was cute!

ABOUT THE VERSE: I thought it appropriate to use the often MIS-quoted Bible verse referring to the LOVE of $$$! I've won a little over $877.00 since April with my weight loss success - (wish I had more to show for Money in and of itself isn't bad folks - it's when money becomes your idol and you LOVE and obsess over it that you are treading on dangerous grounds! I am absolutely stoked about the money I've won with my weight loss - however, it's not the money I'm proud of, it's the accomplishment. It's knowing what God's been showing me inside and out. The renewing of my mind, the defining of who I am in Christ and the love and compassion growing inside of me to reach others! The money is just a BONUS!

Verse of the day:

1 Timothy 6:10

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Last Chance Workout


After 9 hard, LOOOOONG weeks of competition - we are finally there. Today is the FINAL weigh in for the "Biggest Loser" competition that I've been hosting at my job. We had 25 motivated participants but only 3 will walk away with a $$$ prize. I'll post my personal competition stats tomorrow.

Last night Gold's Gym offered the participants of my competition a private 1-hour "LAST CHANCE WORKOUT" cardio blast class. This was a high intensity, fat burning, heart pumping, BOOT CAMP. 9 of my co-workers were able to make the class and we had a ton of fun along with it being incredibly FUNNY at times. It was tough though - anytime you get CARDIO & BLAST in the same sentence - be fair warned! It was a neat experience overall and I definately learned some tips from Lisa, the aerobics instructor.

Stay tuned friends!

Hillcrest Bank "Biggest Loser" participants @ "Last Chance Workout"

Verse of the Day:
Psalm 28:7
The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Alright 100 Mile Challenge participants, thanks to my dear friend Michelle - we now have a website to log our miles. Click the link below to join the challenge page and log your miles - not too sure how the website works, but if you can figure it out go ahead and add me as a friend. lol

ALSO, you can get a widget to add to your blog once your profile is set up and you've entered miles. Kinda cool!

Thanks again Michelle!

Verse of the Day:

1 Peter 1:22
Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for your brothers, love one another deeply, from the heart.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Add 100 Mile Challenge "Button"

1. Click the "100 Mile Challenge Logo" above.
2. Right Click photo and click "Save As" (save to computer)
3. From your blog click "Customize" in top right hand corner.
4. Click "Add a gadget"
5. Add the "Picture" gadget
6. Select the 100 Mile Challenge Logo saved on your PC
7. Attach the following link: "" - (to refer others to the challenge.)


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me at


Verse of the Day:

Hebrews 10:39 (NIV) But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who believe and are saved.