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Life is in the journey, not the destination, so do what you can and take it one day at a time. Go slow, do it right, and make your changes permanent — then help out others who are where you were.

~Jillian Michaels

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Calling all challengers...



How is everyone doing on meeting their goal of 100 miles of various cardio exercise for the month of August? Are you an overachiever? Right on track? Or maybe it's been a little rough?

Whatever the case is - PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK FOR JOINING! Are you @ least getting up and active? If so, ROCK ON! 100 miles was just a challenge goal - living active is the ULTIMATE goal though.

You can check out my progress in the sidebar to your left - but it's not about me, I'm so excited for all of YOU! Seriously, for those of you I've had the privilege of watching on - I'm totally encouraged by your workouts. TOTALLY encouraged by your determination and your support of each other. I think more than even seeing the miles - it's the incredible motivational words back and forth between each other that brings a smile to my face.

I have learned A LOT over the last month about the ability to push myself! When I'm tired, when I'm lazy, when I'm discouraged, when I'm weak - I still have the ability to overtake that thought process and work my way through it! I have the ability within me to PUSH myself even when I can "think up" more reasons to just blow it off. My confidence level has increased and I've realized that my weight doesn't have to be my "excuse" anymore. I want this! I can have this! Even if it's "hard." Typically the things you cherish most in life are ones you've had to work for - not only that, but a lot of times that work was HARD. However, the reward made it worth it.

I'm not telling some unknown secret when I say, "Living a healthy life can be H.A.R.D! But the end result is worth it..."

I have numerous family, church friends, co-workers and facebook friends taking this challenge too, but here are some bloggers who have been staying active with the challenge:

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So my question to all of you, whether you participated in this challenge or not: How will YOU challenge yourself next month? What new goal will you set to make yourself proud?

Verse of the Day:
1 Thessalonians 5:11 (NIV)
Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.


Magic Brush said...

Wish I was committed enough to have tried this! Maybe next time...I am so proud of everyone who did. 100 miles is nothing to sneeze at!!!! That is a lonnnnggggg haul!

Shauna said...

Oh man!!!! i started out strong and then three kids and reality hit! we have been killin it at the pool....oh wait you would not know BECAUSE you haven't been there. jk i miss you though. Great job.


Hey... Thanks for mentioning me. I have to thank you because this whole 100 mile thing has been THE biggest motivation for me staying active. Even after not going to the gym for 2 weeks I just say oh well step it up from here on out and went to the gym everyday last week. Missed yesterday because of first day back to school and football practice for the kids so now I have to tweak it up a little more but I am determined to get my 100 miles... even if I am outside crawling at midnight on August 31st!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU and BIG *HUGS*

WriterMarie said...

Hey Mesha, I gave you the One Lovely Blog Award...come see what it's all about xoxoxo