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Life is in the journey, not the destination, so do what you can and take it one day at a time. Go slow, do it right, and make your changes permanent — then help out others who are where you were.

~Jillian Michaels

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

59 minutes with "little voice"

5k - (that's 5 kilometers, which is 3.1 LOOONG miles)

Weight Watchers has been encouraging all members to do a 5k this year in line with the NEW Momentum plan that is getting people active. So last week they had us do our "storyboards" on how to prepare for an event such as a 5k...what steps you should take to get there and train and such.

However, my 5k occurred in NO WAY like my storyboard. lol...sometimes it just takes a "get up and go," approach for me to accomplish something rather than talking it out. HAHA.

So I go to the gym and I absolutely hate walking, especially on the treadmill because I've found that I'm constantly staring at that time clock as if I can make the time I've put in jump faster and I'm pretty well finished once I hit 10-15 min. Well, I've recently started bringing the handy WW booklets along to read so that I'm distracted a little more. I've set in my mind that I will not look at the time or distance until I am completely done reading the booklet and then I will finish off at the nearest 5 minute mark and then finish with my cool down. (ex: done reading at 17 minutes, I will continue to walk until I reach 20 minutes) I purposely brought a longer booklet knowing this was a strictly cardio day and once I finished I had walked 47 MINUTES. now, for the average person, this is nothing, however, for me, this is EXTREME!!! After pushing myself that hard, I knew I had to hit that 50 minute mark to make the longest time I've ever walked in one setting. Yea, so all fine and dandy (other than feeling as if my lungs were going to explode).

WELL, if it weren't for this "little voice" inside of me that comes out in the form of HUGE COMPETITION, I would have just stopped there. Stinkin' peripherial vision though, the corner of my eye caught the 2.85mi distance I had already walked and "little voice" spoke up and said, "Yo! You are almost at a 5k, might as well go for it now." AWW SHUCKS! You kidding me, of course "little voice won," and I pushed myself through alternating btwn 3.7 and 3.2 until I hit that big 3.1 MILE MARK!!! I've never hit that stop button so desperatly before. Exactly 59 minutes - the girl who barely walks a mile in 25 did 3.1 miles in 59 minutes. After nearly collapsing where I stood, this little well of joy rose up inside me and I proudly walked out knowing I had done it. There was no pre-prepping, there was no pre-conceived decision, I just did it! All I knew is after getting that close, there was no such thing as a "Chicken Exit," nope, not for this chick.

Alright, I'm done (mainly because it's 2:11 and we closed the bank at 2...haha...i'm ready to go home)


Shauna said...

yahoo!! you rock girl! next time I want you to drop 10 minutes from your time. Love ya

Mesha said...

...drop 10 minutes as in only walk 49 means a shorter distance too right...haha

Magic Brush said...

Great job girl! I did my first 5K last year. They really are kind of addicting. I think I did 6 races all together and love it. It helps for me to train OUTSIDE. Scenery, people, houses... much more interesting than a treadmill for me. Do you have a partner to walk with you? Conversation always makes the time go faster. Good for you. Now that you know you can do it... you can't NOT do it again. You go girl! I have fallen off the wagon and haven't exercised in 4 weeks. You may be inspiring me to get back on.


Mesha said...

Hey Jennifer, thanks for the's fun to come read peoples encouragements as well as blogs. I do prefer walking outdoors over a treadmill - but I would rather do it with a friend. I went with my dad the other day for about 2 miles and that was a breeze when you have someone to talk to. My best friend is in the competition with me so we go to the gym together...