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Life is in the journey, not the destination, so do what you can and take it one day at a time. Go slow, do it right, and make your changes permanent — then help out others who are where you were.

~Jillian Michaels

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Friday, April 17, 2009

12 Week Competition

12 Week Weight Loss Competition

Okay, so I really wasn't going to start this blogging thing again, been there done that and thought I had moved on. However, I loved it so much the first go around I thought I'd start one up to follow my weight loss journey.

Let's start with February: I joined Weight Watchers which has proven to be the best life style decision I've made other than salvation of course. :) I have been given the opporunity to really start living and living in a way that I'm able to better glorify my maker in the area of health.

April 6th: My weight loss competition began and my first weigh in (yesterday) I pulled 9.4 lbs lost in 10 days. AMAZING! I don't know if I've ever experienced being proud of myself like I did yesterday.
April 14th: I hit my "25lb milestone" with weight watchers and got a little weight which I wear on a necklace as a reminder of how far I've come. So cool story about that BIZARRE is this? I have a little daily calendar that gives little motivational words and challenges each day and I hit my 25lb on Apr 14 (evening meeting). I get to work the next day and my Apr 15 day says,
"BRAVO! milestones, milestones,'s kind to acknowledge milestones..."
How stinkin' cool is that? I just laughed for a moment at my desk and I have kept that calendar page as a reminder.

Even more exciting still is the fact that since I began Weight Watchers, I have lost exactly 30lbs in just under 11 weeks. I have a LOOOOONNNNG road ahead of me, however, it is totally worth it to have the health, energy, confidence and ability to not just exist but enjoy life day by day.

This isn't the end, it's just the


Shauna said...

I don't think you will ever know how proud I am of you and this journey you are on. I am your biggest fan and supporter... I will walk beside you, pick you up when you are down and most importantly celebrate each milestone. "I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it." of my fav quotes.
P.S. if I catch you drinking your calories I will beat them out of you:)

Shauna said...

P.S. I love the title of your blog!! Now get off the computer and go to the gym.

Magic Brush said...

That Shauna ... man she is tough! I love her!