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Life is in the journey, not the destination, so do what you can and take it one day at a time. Go slow, do it right, and make your changes permanent — then help out others who are where you were.

~Jillian Michaels

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Homestretch Challenge's the final countdown of the "Homestretch Challenge."

With the conclusion of our fifth week, my challengers and I all walked away from the competition scale to battle it out at home for the 3 week homestretch challenge.  Eliminating the knowledge of how we "weigh in" next to the competition, it's been an interesting journey not knowing where we stand.

I finished off week 5 with a 2.4 lb loss not quite making my goal of being UNDER 200 lbs.  My official weight was 200.6 and dropping me from 2nd to 3rd place out of 21 contestants.  Dropping down a position stinks, but I must take my hat off to Jera Leathers who took over.  She as well as ALL contestants has been working hard daily to lose weight and is making changes to last a lifetime.  From the first time I watched her video, I knew she had the desire in her heart to do this for real, not simply as a challenge.  I don't see her as someone who will give up easily, I see her going the long haul and that excites me.  I LOVE being encouraged by the journey of others who are mutually on this road to better health and living.

As for how I'm doing with that "at home" portion of this 9 week challenge, well, it's been an interesting ride.  I've went on two weekend vacations out of our 3 weeks at home and it's hard to stay on target when you're covering the road...especially when that road leads you to the middle of nowheresville in Western KS.  One grocery store, two gas stations and limited fresh produce are typically a hard combination when you're looking for healthy FRESH eats.  Couple that with a montly visitor who is usually accompanied by fatigue, irritability and water retention and you are surely on your way to the lead right???  haha....

Those are the variables that really can't be avoided though, those that can I feel I've done a fair job handling.  I've continued to workout and even got creative over vacationing.  Walks, jogs, taking stairs and an entire stair workout routine at Drury Inn this past weeked in St. Louis.  I actually hit some of the highest calorie burns since I've got my bodybugg while on vacation, each being well over 3000 calories burned and nearly 20,000 steps in a day.  Definitely nothing to get discouraged over, although I must say SODIUM kicked my hiney over that past weekend...*gulp*.  Did I eat horrible? Nope.  Did I eat off processed foods off plan? You better believe I did.  Sodium doesn't even blush with shame when it shows up, making a GRAND appearance on the scale.  Most definitely not a respector of persons.  Did you know that you can gain 1-10 lbs just from restricting sodium and then reintroducing highly processed, sodium filled foods back into your diet EVEN when staying within your normal caloric range for weight loss AND working out?  Hmmm...I know first hand, I'll testify to that! :)

So all in all, I'd say I'm winning in the obedience/discipline arena of a lifestyle change but getting whooped in the "I'm in a challenge and need to step up my game" area.  The final weigh in is Monday, August 16 and the numbers are going to be interesting to say the least.  Did I do enough? That I really don't know but I can promise you that I worked hard and most certainly have made myself and hopefully friends & family proud!

...SATURDAY is my "Last Chance Workout" at Gold's Gym.  I'll be doing a 1 hr boxing class with friends and maybe family sweating it out with me and we'll see how I weigh in at our FINALE on Monday @ 9am!  I'll be meeting most of the contestants for the first time and we'll witness the final results.  Videos and the "after" photo shoot will all occur on Monday, I'm beyond excited...partially for it to be over.  (haha)  Stay posted!

Until then...gotta run to the gym folks!

Verse of the Day:

Mark 11:24

"Therefore I say to you, whatever you ask for when you pray, believe that you have received it, and you will have it."


Anonymous said...

So incredibly proud of you Mesh Mesh. You beat the odds with each passing day. I am so happy for you. I told you yesterday and I will say it again today- YOU LOOK SO SKINNY AND HEALTHY. :) Keep it up girl. Wish I could feel better about making it to your final last chance workout...I might just make myself do though Im not sure how! Love you!!

Tony C said...

I didn't know that about sodium! Good info Mesha.

You are a true blessing, and anytime I need encouragement, this is where I come! Thank you so much for sharing your tremendous journey and your faith in God.

Journey2Goal said...

I'm so proud of you and this challenge! I hope it's been rewarding for you, it's been awesome to follow you on your journey.

Frosty said...

Good luck on this coming weekend's Last Chance Workout! So proud of you!!