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~Jillian Michaels

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Sweat" T-Shirt Contest

Okay, so how cool is this?

Kristin Steede from the latest season of The Biggest Loser has MY PICTURE on her blog!!! Yep, she had a "Wet T-Shirt Contest" where we sent in pictures of our sweaty T-Shirts after our work outs. Needless to say, I don't believe I'm going to "win" the contest after seeing the other pictures, however, IT'S SO STINKIN' COOL that MY picture made it on Kristin's blog.

I got to work today and had an email in my inbox from a co-worker that said, "Good Job on the wet T-Shirt!" I was like, "huh?"

...then it dawned on me! I rushed over to her site to find that yucky pic of me after my workout Tuesday morning. I knew I should have spent a little more time on that stair master. Oh well!

Link to Kristin's blog:



ValleyGirl said...

Ooo, you're like, FAMOUS!! Cute picture! ;)

Shauna said...

Girl you better pick up your game....that Alexis is bustin a major sweat!! you better quit slacken and spend some time on the revolving stairs!!! I want 10 at LEAST

Tony C said...

That's really cool.

I've got to get moving's so easy to stay static.

Keep inspiring! (Hey, I felt it)

Kristen said...

YAY!! How awesome is that?!?

Frosty said...

Look at you showing all your stuff and all famous now!

I'm still praying for you and the BL casting call.

Magic Brush said...

HOW FUN IS THAT?????????????

Laretha said...

WOW! Shauna is hard core...even with comments!

Totally cool. So have you made your video thing yet?

Can't wait to cheer for you when you are on TV!!! (Just speaking those things that aren't as tho they are - Rom 4:17 and Mark 11)