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Life is in the journey, not the destination, so do what you can and take it one day at a time. Go slow, do it right, and make your changes permanent — then help out others who are where you were.

~Jillian Michaels

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Visualize the Prize

GOALS!  A word that isn't foreign in the world of weight loss by any means.  A goal is something you strive for, something you'd like to attain.  Setting goals is important in life because it motivates you to get active in reaching them.  Whether it's a financial goal, family goal, work goal or weight loss goal...most goals are set to better yourself or those around you in some way.  They are meant to give you a vision-something to look at and aim towards.

I can tell you a few goals that I have:

  1. Love others more like Christ
  2. Be debt free
  3. Run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in 2011
  4. Reach goal weight of 140-145 lbs for 200 lbs total lost
  5. STAY healthy & active for life
Each of those goals I set are beneficial for my life because they promote well-being: mentally, physically or spiritually. Not only that, but each of these goals are ATTAINABLE. I always say, "Our goals should always ENCOURAGE us, not discourage us..." I think a big part of goal setting is that you set them high enough to where you challenge yourself in them but not so drastic that they are unattainable and leave you feeling worthless or as a failure.

A few weeks ago I read my email newsletter from and the title was Visualize the Prize.  It encouraged us to create an image in our minds of what we'd like our body to look like, one thats realistic.  Read the following snippets below:

"It's simple: Picture in your mind the object of your desire (whether it's a situation, an event, or an image of yourself) as vividly as possible. Spend time concentrating on the image, truly believing in it as if it were already real. Be detailed and comprehensive in creating the image, and be sure to include your emotional well-being in this vision as well."

"You can now create an image of your body that fits your genetic type and potential. It must be an attainable vision, not one that will be out of reach. For example, I'm never gonna be able to slam-dunk like LeBron James — I'm five feet two! But it doesn't mean that I can't play one *heck*(edit) of a mean basketball game. I will be the best player that I can be, and at the end of the day that's what counts. Your imagination can be the source of your fear, but it can also provide the remedy."

When I close my eyes and dream about the healthy, active, FIT & lean "me," I get emotional.  At 220+/- pounds, I see a faint vision that I couldn't dream up at 342+ lbs.  I see a new person who loves every aspect of her life: GOD, her family, friends, job and BODY.  I see a girl who has a semi-toned physique, slender face and petite features.  By no means is she your next "cover girl" or "body builder" but she can give you a run for you money in the gym or the court.  She's modest and she's STRONG both inside and out.  She is always smiling and embracing others.  One who hasn't forgot where she came from but is thankful for where she is NOW.  I see a girl who shops with her friends without fear of sizing or shame of weight.  One who creates fun, active activities to do with others and doesn't have to forfeit prematurely due to lack of breath or joint pain.  This "me" jumps, runs, climbs, SWIMS and even hikes with friends.  She's not afraid of more active sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis or biking...she keeps up and at times even leads the pack.  Emotionally she's thankful, not for the weight but for the journey losing the weight took her on.  The ups, downs and everything in between that she learned about herself and even others due to the process.  WOW...this "new" girl - I L-O-V-E her and I can't wait to meet her and for her to be revealed to the world.

NOW, I'm not the best artist in the world, but I am fortunate to have a BFF who snaps pictures on her Blackberry while we are in stores. Better yet, one who captures photos that end up have a much deeper meaning than just a funny pose to be tagged in via facebook. (Not to mention, it gives all of YOU a better visual of the picture painted in my mind :)

Anyways, we were at Gary Gribbles Running Shoes a few weeks ago because it was time for some new workout shoes.  If you've never been...GO...they fit you for what shoe is right for YOU!  The girl I had the privilege of dealing with was around my age and height - she was fit, active and fun.  Turns out she's ran a couple marathons and running is something she LOVES to do.  I was super impressed with her marathon accomplishments and she was equally commenting on my weight loss.  We talked about my new adventures with jogging and my goal to run some 5k's this summer and next year complete the Disney Princess Half.  Somewhere in this time frame, Ali happened to snap a camera phone shot of us talking.  When I got in the car and took a peek at this "candid" picture, I couldn't help but notice we were both wearing black exercise shorts, red T-Shirt, hair pulled back and well the obvious...we're both black.  lol.  This girl was a "picture" of what is only a "vision" or dream for me right now but she gave me an image of what body I'd like to strive towards (only add a few pounds :).

Verse of the Day:

Philippians 3:14

"I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus."


Michelle said...

Awesome goals! and crazy picture! (do the same thing with my's great at capturing moments with the kids!)

I think it is great to visualize...but it is like you said, so important to visualize something that won't lead to discouragment. Remember the girl who smiles and embraces others! Don't let her go! One of my closest friends went from 350 down to about 210..(Tall man) He is running 1/2 marathons, too! But, he lost himself and really changed into a new person! I think it may have been inevitable but it has been really hard for me. I lost my BF.

Debt free! You're a Dave Ramsey fan, right? If not...get on it. You'll love him.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha Michelle! I have been trying to get Mesh to get on the Dave Ramsey train for awhile now! ;)

Love love love this blog. LOVe it. Love the edit to the photo, and *ehem* love the shout out to ... well... ME! :)

That description of you made me tear up literal tears. If you weren't over in some bedroom SLEEPING right now, I would show them to you. Wow. I can't wait to meet her too! I mean, just to think about who you are already, and why I love admire and cherish you and your friendship...then to think there is MORE that could be added...WOW....I dont even SEE how that is possible, but I believe for it. I pray for it. I love you Mesh. I adore you and am so thankful God brought us together. There is great purpose in our friendship, I believe it today more-so than ever before!

ILY! <3

Gracie Francisco said...

Mesha! I don't know how to put into words the way you've inspired me and so many others. Seeing your success is so exciting for me because it proves that anybody can achieve their goals if they work hard. Your courage and motivation have helped me to keep pushing myself and working towards my goals (which are very similar to yours!) Thank you so much for your kind words of love and encouragement, they mean more to me then you know!

Keep pushing, and I know we'll see each other at the finish line very soon <3

Love, love, love you girlie!!!