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Life is in the journey, not the destination, so do what you can and take it one day at a time. Go slow, do it right, and make your changes permanent — then help out others who are where you were.

~Jillian Michaels

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Biggest Weight Loss Challenge


It's time for another good challenge - hopefully the FINAL weight "loss" challenge I'm a participant of.  I say final weight "loss" challenge because I'm hoping to reach goal by the end of this (or at least be pretty close to it).  I'm on the 2nd half of my journey which isn't to be confused with a downhill slope, the final stretch feels more like a climb than the first.

As of Sunday, I began the City of Mission's "Biggest Weight Loss Challenge" with 156 participants broken into 6 teams.  The goal is for the entire group to lose 2011 lbs by 2011.  I am on team BLUE with my Dad, three great friends (including my best friend) and strangers who I hope to befriend in the upcoming months.  Did you catch that, MONTHS!  This will be a 7 1/2 month challenge.  SAM will be our faithful trainer and we are on a mission to get healthy.  He's an athletic trainer for Johnson County Community College and volunteering as OUR trainer on the side.  I'm very thankful for his willingness to help us reach our goals.

The reason I'm MORE excited about this challenge than the first 3 I participated in (click here, here & here) is because the goal of this is NOT a competition.  Yes, there is competition involved, but the goal is making this a lifestyle (hint's the extended time frame).  This challenge will help me through my FINAL STRETCH of shedding 200 pounds from my body and although I started this journey with the lifestyle mentality, NOW more than ever I need it reiterated.  I need to start making this routine for life.  Regular workouts (not extreme).  Healthy food choices (not starvation).  Manageable dining out (not gorging). I need to make the changes that haven't quite happened yet that will continue paving the rest of my life.

Anyone who follows my blog probably noticed that I'm back to 109 lbs lost.  I am PROUD of my accomplishment, but it also means I've gained 20 lbs from the my lowest reached weight of 214.  I could sit here and make excuse after excuse, but NONE would hold water.

Simple as that.  I made poor choices and I received poor results.  I spent nearly 2 months failing to plan and losing sight of moderation.    NOW, I feel like I'm backtracking but don't think that I haven't taken note of the lessons learned.  It's important to me to embrace the successes AND setbacks in hopes of using them down the road.  I'm not going to deceive myself into thinking I will never go through a rough patch again or gain a few pounds, BUT I hope to snap out of it before 20 pounds creeps it's way back onto the scale though.

Since this challenge incorporates working as a TEAM as well as individuals, I thought it fitting for today's verse to be about being united and being in agreement with one another.  If we are going to become successful as a team we will need to TRUST one another, BELIEVE in one another, CHALLENGE one another and be in UNITY.

...let's MAKE IT HAPPEN and reap marvelous results by D-Day (Jan 9).  I'm excited!

Verse of the Day:

-1 Cor. 1:10

"Now I exhort YOU, brothers, through the name of our Lord Jesus Christ that YOU should all speak in agreement, and that there should not be divisions among YOU, but that YOU may be fitly united in the same mind and in in the same line of thought."


S said...

GREAT POST! WE are thrilled that we all ended up on the same team! We are going to kill it. YOU CAN DO THIS, GIRL!

Cheryl B said...

No more competitions at work :)!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT MESH! Thrilled to be a part of TEAM BLUE! :) Excited to meet new people as well, and finally kick this weight to the curb and learn to KEEP IT OFF! <3 Thankful to do it with you by my side.

Shauna said...

Oh girl!! I do miss you! I wish I could torture you in the mornings like the good ol days. I am excited to watch you reach your goal. Love ya

Shiloh said...

Ali and Mesha are making a habit of posting their own verses that are also fitting for me!! Love you both!!

Journey2Goal said...

Have you read Geneen Roth's book Women Food & God? I'd recommend it if not, it has really helped me.