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Life is in the journey, not the destination, so do what you can and take it one day at a time. Go slow, do it right, and make your changes permanent — then help out others who are where you were.

~Jillian Michaels

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

8 Things...why 8???

**See below for this weeks Weight Loss Competition results.**

Eight things I am looking forward to:

1. 4th of July at Audrey's folks house
2. Reaching a healthy weight
3. Getting married one day (let me know if you've found my diamond in the rough)
4. Don't Waste Your Life tour July 9th in Oklahoma
5. Youth & Singles trip to Texas in October
6. Ashley's wedding in August
7. My birthday in July
8. End of weight loss competition on Monday

Eight things I did yesterday:

1. Work out @ gym
2. Work out @ Water Aerobics
3. Prayer meeting at church
4. Went to company meeting at Bannister branch
5. Ate a grapefruit
6. Worked
7. Blogged
8. Read Bible @

Eight things I wish (HOPE) I could do:

1. Pay off my car & credit card
2. Get married
3. Have children...(after I get married)
4. Memorize more scripture
5. Focus on the victories instead of defeats on my weight loss journey
6. Buy a house
7. Run a marathon
8. Do creative writing for a living

Eight shows I watch:

1. WipeOut
2. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
4. Wretched (Todd Friel)
5. ...I think TV is a waste of time and unproductive. Not to mention it's mostly junk!
6. ...
7. ...
8. ...

Eight people hi-fived:

1. Shauna ~ I LOVE YOU!!! she's my Jillian Michaels! I am so greatful to have her as a friend and instructor who is just a great supporter and shows so much love and concern for me. She's gotta be one of the only people who has texted me at 11pm to see if I'm up because she's been doing research as to why I'm not losing weight and is looking for an answer. It means a lot when you've got someone who loves and cares to see you succeed that much! She's got so many talents and an attractive personality. She once said, "I'm like a bad rash, you can't get rid of me..." My response to that: "I guess I'll take the rash then, because I don't wanna lose you..."

2. Jen (can I call you Jen?) ~ She was the first to follow me after Shauna's "shout out" and has been faithful following and encouraging me since then. When I write something the person I can most depend on for feedback is my faithful blogger buddy Jen! Dude - we are totally getting together one day to meet in person! OH...and she did jobs for Extreme Makeover with Ty Pennington I believe 3 cool is that. Girl seriously has a God-given talent. Yea, and we are sisters in case you all didn't's because we both say "Oh snap!" <---*grin* 3. Laretha ~ Can I just say I love this chick? I love how passionate she is for the unborn. I love how passionate she is for Jesus. I love how passionate she is for her family. (I also love how much she loves Chick-fil-a) OH...and RLF...that's my new fav "text speak" phrase now due to her. "Real Life Friends" One day Laretha, one day!

4. Kristen ~ I admire the joy of the Lord that comes out in her posts and her positive outlook on life. I especially admire that in the midst of tragedy, "still she will praise Him!" I've been totally encouraged by her!

5. Audrey ~ What can I say...or where do I begin is more like it!!! 8 years she's put up with me, and 8 years I've been ever so greatful. I might not have known Jesus today if it wasn't for the willingness to be used as God's mouthpiece by this girl at the age of 16. We've had a rocky road to say the least, but this girl is truthfully my best friend and I love her! I don't know that I can say I know anyone who loves as deeply and forgives as genuinely as she does. She's a woman after God's own heart - it's a beautiful privilege to watch God transform and renew her daily! Oh, and that I've tagged her, she really NEEDS to start blogging more. :)

6. Jacqui ~ She's my roommate. She's been my accountability partner. My shoulder to cry on. My "tough love" friend. My the sense that I can openly confess anything to her and trust she'll guard it and bathe me in prayer. I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!

7. Frosty ~ she doesn't follow my weight loss blog, but she follows my Justified blog. I love how she's out to raise children of character and also her heart for the unborn.

8. ValleyGirl ~ Over at her "Becoming a Woman of Moderation" blog she has posted some encouraging things for any Christian woman on a weight loss journey. Due to reading her blog, I have ordered my own 56-day study book. Every since I found her blog, she's been encouraging me through email and putting things in perspective.


ValleyGirl said...

Aww shucks, yer makin' me blush!!! I actually just did this one a few days ago ~ check it out here.

And let me know when your book arrives!

Shauna said...

Your so sweet! You know I love you, and one of the things I love about you is your grateful loving heart! Your friendship is a blessing in my life. It is a pleasure to travel this journey with you. I won't let you quit, and I will carry you when your weak, and slap you when your talking nonsense!! Love you Shauna
would you hurry up and loose 100 so we can celebrate at the plaza

Magic Brush said...

Oh snap.... you're too sweet! I just told Shauna yesterday... anyone who has EVER struggled with their weight automatically relates to others who do also. I'm behind you girl!!! P.S. Between you and I and blogworld... guess who is coming back to Kansas City to film a show in July????????? You heard it here first!!!

Laretha said...

You are awesome! Thank you. I am so proud of you, of your weight loss and how out there you are with it. It's so encouraging. Like Jen said, when one person stuggles with their weight it's easy to get behind others who do / have.

My 6 year old says "oh snap". It's funny.

PS...not only is EM coming back to KC, guess who got the call to work in the house they will build??? Isn't she amazing!

Audrey said...

Shoot girl, is it your 'birthday' shorty?

Kristen said...

hey! I will totally do this, I am loving keeping busy! But yes, when you get tagged for an award you can put it on your blog & then you follow the directions :) I mean you don't have to, hehe, but it keeps it fun!

Frosty said...

Girlie, I've told you before and I'll tell you again, you inspire me. You're steadfast and immovable in your convictions. I love joining you in prayer (even if it is through blogworld). Knowing there is another who is as passionate about life (living and saving the unborn) is encouraging.

Thank you for the honor of the tag. You're amazing.